Saturday, October 6, 2007

TOPOFF4 Related Drills?,D.E.W.+FCS updates & News

"Operation October" Oregon (TOPOFF4 State)

Elaborate bomb drill slated for Tuesday

Operation October, designed to simulate a countywide multiple explosives incident, will be launched in dramatic fashion.
At 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, a call will be received at the Yamhill Communications Agency dispatch center in McMinnville that a bomb has just gone off at the building across from the courthouse where the Yamhill County commissioners have their offices.
Local law enforcement and emergency medical personnel will respond, along with the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad, which will send its robots and other equipment into the building in search of any additional explosive devices.
Streets in the immediate area will be cordoned off, occupants of nearby buildings will be notified and the Yamhill County Jail will be locked down.
Three elementary schools - Carlton Elementary, Newberg's Mabel Rush and Sheridan's Faulconer-Chapman - will each be informed of reports a bomb has been planted in the building. Those schools will be evacuated.
John Boynton, the county's emergency manager, will be positioned at the Dayton Fire Hall, where the primary emergency operations center will be located. He will monitor activities at the commissioners office and each of the schools.
"This drill will best the communication, accountability and coordination of the participating local, county, state and federal agencies and the school districts," Boynton said (cont..)

‘Red Flag’ War Games

After Navy, IAF to give ammo to Left with joint exercise

"Malabar CY 07-2"

Joint naval exercise: SEATO in new format?

"Warrior 2007" China

China lifts veil on army exercise

Ten thousand Chinese soldiers were used in the latest in laser animations in combination with live action at the "Warrior 2007" exercises

Ionatron D.E.W.

When 'Physics Gets in the Way'

Dept of Homeland Security caused 'mini-DDoS',1000000189,39289832,00.htm

A contractor for the US Department of Homeland Security has initiated "a mini denial of service" against thousands of security professionals, according to Marcus H Sachs, the director of the SANS Internet Storm Center, a community that monitors global security threats. (cont..)

Thales and Boeing Selected for FRES Integration Role

ST. LOUIS, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (MoD) today announced that Thales UK in partnership with Boeing , through its Boeing Defence UK subsidiary, have been selected as the preferred bidder for the role of System of Systems Integrator (SOSI) for the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES) program. (cont..)

Science Applications Elects Tony Moraco As GM Of Space And Geospatial Intelligence Business Unit

Ariz. will be ‘target’ in terrorism attack drill (TOPOFF update)

LRTA holds anti-terror drill

JUST A DRILL The Light Rail Transit Authority simulates a bomb explosion for a "mass casualty incident drill" in its Cubao station. Here, members of the triage team, which determines the priorities for action in an emergency, tag victims inside a train cab.

40,000 Take Part in Valley Fire Drill
* I think this is tied to the TOPOFF 4 taking place in AZ

Charleston Police Train For Terror

Pandemic preparedness to be tested at Wilton mass vaccination drill

$450M for Contingency Response in the Philippines, and Beyond
*Guam TOPPOFF4 could be simulation for secret "Al Qaeda Pearl Harbour"

General Dynamics at Association of the United States Army Expo
WHAT: Displays at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exposition include firepower enhancements, force protection and soldier survival to networked communications systems. Also to be featured from General Dynamics, Falls Church, Virginia, USA, are systems for the Army’s Future Combat Systems and complementary programs, as well as products in production to sustain combat operations.

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