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2D3+MOD, Sandia WWIV Prep?, Drills...

AUGUST 29, 2007--The 2d3 division of OMG plc, Oxford Metrics Group (Oxford, UK; 1., has signed a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence. The division develops advanced image-processing software for defense and visual effects. Its technology will be assessed for its utility in the monitoring of video processed on-board or relayed from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)--in particular, for automatically recognizing and locating specified targets such as vehicles moving on the ground. The software also has the potential to be used to monitor given locations and to issue alerts whenever there is activity, such as people entering or leaving a building.
To date, 2d3's automatic camera-tracking software has been used primarily by the movie industry. In 2005 OMG decided to apply its technology to UAVs, and in December 2005 the group announced an initial project with QinetiQ to recover 3-D information from airborne video imagery, which was completed in September 2006. (cont..)

Russian Generals’ Intentions of Stationing Nuclear weapons in Belarus

Russia should deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus in return to deployment of the US antimissile system components in the Czech Republic and Poland, president of the Geopolitical Academy Colonel General Leonid Ivashov considers.

“The necessity of such actions results from the threats caused to Russia and Belarus by the NATO countries. Belarus also needs the new Russian military facilities to be deployed on its territory as it was mentioned several times by president Alyaksandr Lukashenka” ,Ivashov declared to the Interfax-ABN. (cont..0

Sandia opens resilient electronics center

ALBUQUERQUE, Aug. 24 (UPI) -- Sandia National Laboratories has opened a new complex in Albuquerque to develop radiation resilient electronics for national security.

U.S. Deputy Energy Secretary Clay Sell, National Nuclear Security Administration head Tom D’Agostino and Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., Thursday attended the opening of the Microsystems and Engineering Sciences Applications complex.

"The eight-year, $516 million project was the largest in the history of the lab and was finished three years ahead of schedule and $40 million below budget," the NNSA said in a statement. The NNSA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Energy.

"The MESA complex will produce electronic circuits and computer chips designed to withstand high levels of radiation. These 'hardened' electronics are critical to national security needs," the statement said.

The 400,000-square-foot MESA complex has a micro-fabrication facility, a micro-systems laboratory and a new weapons integration facility, "which will contain laser, electrical, visualization, and computer laboratories as well as office workspace for nearly 375 scientists and engineers. To an unprecedented degree, it will combine electronic and optoelectronics fabrication facilities with Sandia’s supercomputing simulations," the NNSA said.

"In opening the MESA complex at Sandia National Laboratories, we are increasing our non-proliferation capabilities and applying next-generation microelectronics technology to advancing our national security,” Sell said.

"The complex’s combination of high-performance computing simulations, scientific research, and production capabilities in electronics and optics at the micro- and nano-level will make it a world leader in a new type of simulation-led engineering that will ultimately improve the quality of consumer goods," the NNSA said.

“The MESA complex provides NNSA with a capability you can’t find anywhere else,” said D’Agostino. “With the technology developed here, anything from our country’s nuclear weapons to communications satellites will be able to withstand the worst of conditions.”

Sandia is a multi-program laboratory operated by Sandia Corp., a Lockheed Martin company, for the NNSA.

Officials practice disaster response,0,5205306.story

Yesterday's event was the first of four that will take place over the next year, with scenarios that include an Inner Harbor dirty bomb exercise in Baltimore City, a truck bomb drill at the National Security Agency in Howard County and a hazardous-material train derailment situation in Baltimore County.


The U.S. Army Held Counter-Terrorism Drills in Clarkesville

A highly specialized unit of the U.S. Army held a counter-terrorism drill in Habersham County today. The 4th Civil Support Team conducted the internal exercise to better prepare for possible missions.

Sydney Harbour is the focus of APEC security preparations today, with a bomb threat training exercise being carried out on a ferry.
40 ferry staff, of the first fleet class vessel Friendship, will be involved.
Transport Minister John Watkins says it will not disrupt peak services.
“You may see some unusual goings on involving that Sydney Ferry and some other defence force personnel and vessels,” he said.
“But it’s a normal training exercise to make sure APEC is as safe as it possibly can be.”

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