Monday, August 20, 2007

Terror/Bio+Pandemic Flu Drills +Simulations

Oregon Civil Air Patrol Prepares for Major Exercise

*Noble Resolve is running through Friday in Portland.

The CAP will conduct aerial and ground operations across the state to respond to numerous fictional incidents that could involve elements of terrorist activities.
PORTLAND, Ore.) - The Oregon U.S. Civil Air Patrol is gearing up for a major USAF graded exercise. Spokesman Thomas Traver says it involves state wide capability of the CAP to conduct multiple emergency operations based on real world potential incidents within Oregon.
It happens August 25th and 26th, Traver said. "A special USAF evaluation team will inspect and grade the CAP wing on it's ability to address numerous scenarios involving Homeland Security, Search and Rescue and Disaster Relief operations."
The Exercise, which happens every two years across the country, is based on real world potential actions that would require the response capabilities of the wing to assist local and federal agencies in time of emergency.
Operating out of the CAP's Incident Command Center located at the Aurora Airport, the CAP will conduct aerial and ground operations across the state to respond to numerous fictional incidents that could involve elements of terrorist activities, air search and rescue as well as potential local natural disasters such as Tsunami's and earthquakes such as the one that hit Peru this week and that local officials expect is imminent for the Pacific Coast (cont..)


Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital will hold a large-scale emergency preparedness drill from 2 to 4 p.m. tomorrow in its Breschini parking lot, at the corner of Wilgart Way and San Jose Street.
Engineers at have already set up a massive isolation tent that would serve as a make-shift hospital in the event of an emergency that damaged the main hospital. Equipped with re-circulating air purification for both positive and negative pressure deployments, the tent would also be used in cases of widespread infectious disease or incidents of bio-terrorism. (cont..)

Registration open for pandemic flu drill

SIFMA, the Wall Street trade association, today announced open registration for the pandemic flu exercise
From Sept. 24 through Oct. 12, the Financial Banking Information Infrastructure Committee and the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council will hold a pandemic flu exercise for the U.S. financial services sector.
SIFMA and the Treasury Department are sponsoring the exercise.
The three-week program will test firms’ pandemic plans against a scenario that would span an entire pandemic wave.
Each Monday at 9 a.m., Eastern daylight time, participating institutions will get a scenario update and a series of multi-choice questions.
They have until 5 p.m. on Wednesday of that week to respond online.
Employees, including internal operations staffers and crisis management teams, are eligible to participate in the exercise.
The program is free of charge and voluntary. More than 1,200 organizations have already signed up (cont..)

Smallpox returns in terrorism simulation

THE first simulation of how healthcare professionals would cope with a terrorist attack involving smallpox will be carried out in Wales tomorrow.
Students from the University of Glamorgan’s Masters in Disaster Healthcare course will be expected to treat a patient infected with the lethal disease, which none of them have ever experienced before.
The simulation will provide the students – many of whom are front line nurses who would be expected to deal with such an outbreak if it ever occurred – with essential training and experience. (Cont..)

Real Life and Digital Simulation Will Merge by 2011,162689.shtml

IRVINE, CA -- 08/20/07 -- Real life and digital simulation will merge by 2011, producing a mixed-reality environment that will change the way consumers communicate, interact and conduct commerce, according to futurist Dan Lejerskar, chairman of EON Reality Inc., the world's leading interactive 3D software provider.
"What once was imagined soon will be experienced," Lejerskar explained. "The technology convergence of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Web and search, and digital content means that people can experience more in their daily lives by blurring the distinction between their physical existence and digital reality." (Cont..)

SKorea, US begin annual military drill

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