Thursday, September 6, 2007

Drills: MD National Gaurd, IL POD , Russia

Don't be alarmed if you see military helicopters and soldiers near M&T Bank Stadium tomorrow morning -- it is all part of a homeland security exercise.The Maryland National Guard says that starting about 9:30 a.m., Parking Lot O near Ridgely Street will be filled with ground forces, hazardous material teams and military vehicles and aircraft. The exercise is expected to end tomorrow."The goal of the exercise is to test the National Guard's ability to respond to domestic emergencies under the control of the governor and to support and coordinate with state and local agencies ... while responding to a terrorist attack," the Guard said in a statement.


Health Department needs participante for drill

The Hancock County Health Department will conduct a medication dispensing drill at the Hancock County Fair Grounds in Augusta on Wednesday, Sept. 19. This drill will allow public health, first responders and others to practice their assigned duties in the event of a disaster."We are looking for volunteers from all over Hancock County to participate. Volunteers who participate will drive through the dispensing site to test our dispensing abilities," said Victoria Roberts, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. "Volunteers are a vital component to the ongoing preparedness efforts in Hancock County." (Cont..)

Indian, Russian paratroopers to stage joint drill

Russia is to ban weapons in outer space

Russia is to ban deployment of nuclear weapons in outer space. It’s the Russia’s official position for the 62d Session of the United Nations General Assembly.At the 62d Session of the United Nations General Assembly on September, 18 Russia aims to get support for working our and signing the Treaty of Banning Deployment of Nuclear Weapons in outer space. The joint initiative of Russia and China to work out such a document is being discussed in the UN for more then five years. Russia offers to include in such a document the main issues: not to place on the Earth orbit any objects carrying any kinds of weapons; not to place any weapons on any stellar bodies and in outer space; not to use force or threat of force towards space objects; not to assist the activity, banned by this Treaty. Some countries might wish to use deployment of nuclear weapons in outer space to guarantee their own security. But there is threat of using the same weapons by terrorists

Jets intercept Russian fighters,,2-10-1462_2178364,00.html

Oslo - Norwegian and British fighter jets scrambled to intercept Russian bombers over the north Atlantic, Norway's military command said on Thursday, the latest in a series of such incidents.
Eight Russian Tupolev-95s were detected in international air space over the Barents Sea early on Thursday, said Wing Commander Jon Inge Oegland, a spokesperson for Norway's general staff in Stavanger.

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