Thursday, September 13, 2007

USJFCOM: "Solid Curtain",MODSIM EXPO, FCS, Drill, "Stand Down" update..

"Solid Curtain 2007"

Exercise Solid Curtain 2007 Scheduled for Sept. 14 – 21: Base access to be limited Sept. 20,0,7429687.story

Exercise Solid Curtain 2007, a Navy force protection exercise, will be conducted on all naval installations in the continental United States Sept. 14 - 21, 2007.Exercise Solid Curtain 2007, conducted to enhance training and readiness of naval security personnel, is a regularly-scheduled exercise and is not in response to any specific threat.While disruptions to base operations will be limited, there may be times when the exercise causes increased traffic or delays in base access.Area residents may also see increased military activity associated with the exercise.On Sept. 20, all continental United States naval installations will increase their Force Protection Condition, which will limit base access and impact local area traffic patterns. However, this exercise will not affect the homecoming of USS Peleliu (LHA 5), the San Diego-based amphibious assault ship returning home from a four-month humanitarian deployment to Southeast Asia and Oceania. A training time out will be in effect at Naval Base San Diego during Peleliu's homecoming.

Command profiles modeling and simulation usage at MODSIM World Conference and Expo 2007

U.S. Joint Forces Command helped lead a panel on homeland defense and modeling and simulation as the Virginia Beach Convention Center hosted the MODSIM World Conference and Expo 2007. The event features the latest in modeling and simulation technology and discussions about the future of modeling and simulation for use in homeland defense.

(VIRGINIA BEACH, Va.) – Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R-Va.), founder and chairman of the Congressional Modeling & Simulation Caucus, speaks to attendees of the MODSIM World Conference and Expo being held at the Virginia Beach Conference Center Sept. 11-13, 2007. (Photo by Air Force Staff Sgt. Bryan D. Axtell)(Released)
(VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Sept. 12, 2007) - U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) and several of its partners were on hand as
modeling and simulation (M&S)
took center stage this week at the MODSIM World Conference and Expo 2007 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. (Cont..)

FCS (update)

Tracking Trends In Military-Electronics Technologies

Some of the largest of military programs are pushing for troop and fleet modernization, making use of advanced technologies as well as practical manufacturing approaches
Military-electronics technology has long trended toward achieving more functionality and performance in smaller packages. The ways in which electronic technologies are applied may change, but that trend for smaller and lighter electronic devices and systems remains. For companies faced with supplying electronic components and equipment for military applications, most innovations focus on saving size, power, weight, and, of course, cost.
At the highest levels, military-electronics technology is driven by large programs, and each of the branches of the United States military has invested in major, "pet" programs aimed at modernization and/or future capabilities. The US Army's appropriately named Future Combat Systems (FCS) program (, for example, represents one of the most ambitious developmental programs in US military history. Often referred to as a "system of systems," FCS is based on a vision of a robotic battlefield, using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and robot soldiers, and a sophisiticated wireless communications network for communications and control among humans with remote controls and their robotic counterparts. Under the stewardship of prime contractor, The Boeing Co. (, and partner Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), acting as Lead Systems Integrator (LSI), the FCS program has so far met all major milestones in developing this next-generation electronic army.
The FCS System of Systems Functional Review, for example, conducted about two years ago, lasted for five days and involved more than 35 briefings and dozens of demonstrations to attendees who included members of the US Army, Department of Defense (DoD), and the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The review included more than 11,000 system-of-systems engineering requirements derived and allocated through a rigorous systems engineering process. The review, conducted more than two years into the FCS program, was part of the FCS Systems Development and Demonstration Contact, valued at $20.9 billion. Since the review, the FCS program has undergone several successful field experiments and demonstrations, to the great satisfaction of US Army attendees and participants involved with various aspects of FCS electronic systems. The spinout of FCS capabilities is expected to begin in 2008, including networking, unattended munitions, sensors, and robotic systems, with the first FCS Unit of Action (larger-scale system) scheduled for release in 2014. The Unit of Action includes 18 manned and unmanned ground and air platforms, tied together by wireless network.
Most recently, Boeing and SAIC ( have selected Elgin, OK as a principal site for FCS Manned Ground Vehicle (MGV) integration and assembly work. Partner BAE Systems ( will construct and manage a 150,000-sq.-ft. facilityat the Ft. Sill Industrial Park in Elgin. The facility will initially house production integration and assembly activities for the Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon (NLOS-C) initial production platform, the first of eight FCS vehicle variants. Completion of the new facility is anticipated in 2009. The FCS MGVs are being developed in partnership with BAE Systems and General Dynamics ( with the intent of dramatically enhancing soldier survivability. The MGVs feature an integrated hybrid-electric propulsion system, the first use of such technology in operational Army ground combat vehicles. The first use of the hybrid electric drive technology will be in the NLOS-C.
Looking forward, Boeing and the US Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) have signed a three-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to analyze current, emerging, and future joint warfighting concepts and capabilities. The analysis is in concert with the USJFCOM's Joint Innovation and Experimentation Directorate (Suffolk, VA), and will employ computer modeling, simulation, and analysis with virtual and live experiments to evaluate the US DoD's joint concepts and enabling capabilities. Boeing Advanced Systems' AMSE division will lead the company's efforts under the CRADA.
In addition to its sophisticated networking capabilities, the FCS relies on advanced robotics technologies to keep human soldiers out of harm's way. Boeing recently signed a teaming agreement with robotics specialist iRobot Corp. ( to develop and deliver a next-generation Small Unmanned Ground Vehicle (SUGV) for military, civil, and commercial applications. The SUGV is designed to be less than 30 lbs. and enable users to remotely conduct reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering operations. The agreement calls for the use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology to the greatest extent possible in the development of the SUGV, which is expected to be in production by 2008.
The developmental SUGV Early will be a smaller, lighter version of iRobot's PackBot® robot, which is battle tested in Iraq and Afghanistan for safely disarming improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as well as searching buildings, tunnels, and caves for hostile forces. According to Vice Admiral Joe Dyer (U.S. Navy, Ret.), president of iRobot Government & Industrial Robots, "By teaming with Boeing, we can leverage their system-of-system capabilities and global marketing strength to quickly get these life-saving robots into the hands of our troops, first responders and allies worldwide."
Boeing and iRobot will jointly market the new SUGV Early robot. Boeing will also contribute expertise in systems integration, large-volume production, and global marketing, while iRobot will design, develop, and manufacture the robot using its proven experience with the iRobot PackBot and its development work on the FCS program. Dennis Muilenburg, vice president and general manager for Boeing Combat Systems, says "We see ground robots as a major new growth market and iRobot, as the industry leader in this field, is our partner of choice to bring new robot technology to market." More than 900 iRobot PackBot robots have been delivered to a broad range of military and civilian customers worldwide, for operations that have included life-saving missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. iRobot recently announced a delivery order from the US Navy to build additional bomb-disposal robots for shipment to the US forces overseas. The $14 million award from the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) calls for 101 iRobot PackBot® Man Transportable Robotic System (MTRS) robots, plus spare parts to repair robots in the field. iRobot shipped the initial lot of PackBot robots for this order in late March 2007, and the company expects to deliver the remaining robots pursuant to this delivery order before the end of this year. Under the terms of the previously existing Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract, the military could order up to the full $264 million value in robots, spare parts, training, and repair services. The US military's MTRS program has requirements for as many as 1200 robots through 2012. (Cont..)

Nanotechnology Weaponry

Any danger in ‘nano’ bits?

NYC (Staten Island)

Island-wide emergency preparedness drill scheduled

The Port Richmond Community Emergency Response team will conduct a borough-wide emergency preparedness drill on Staten Island on Sept. 23 at 1 p.m.
Residents can make contact with members of the team by tuning in to channel 1 on the two-way radio FRS (Family Radio Service).
The purpose of the drill is to practice using auxiliary methods of communications which could be useful during times of emergency when primary communications methods like telephones and cell phones break down. Using the radio during emergencies, Staten Islanders can stay in touch with friends and neighbors and solicit help in times of need.
The drill will last for about one hour

Air Force ordered to stand-down tomorrow: NORAD, NORTHCOM on alert for U.N. meetings (update)

Contrary to rumors surrounding the Air Combat Command's stand-down of all 100,000 active-duty airmen ordered for tomorrow, the U.S. will not be devoid of fighter aircraft to protect the nation.
Michael Kucharek, spokesman for NORAD and USNORTHCOM, told WND the stand-down does not include the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves assigned to NORAD.
About 70 percent of the aircraft involved in NORAD alerts are Air National Guard or Air Force Reserves aircraft, according to Kucharek.
Meanwhile, NORAD and USNORTHCOM will be on alert status Monday when the U.N. convenes a high level meeting on climate change and also Tuesday when the General Assembly begins its 62nd Session in New York City.
The stand-down Friday was ordered by Gen. Ronald Keys to conduct a command-wide review of operations, safety procedures and checklists after the Aug. 30 incident at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, according to the Air Force Times.

"Cooperative Marlin 2007"

Computer simulation command post NATO exercise "Cooperative Marlin 2007" underway in Sevastopol, Crimea

The exercise drew together participants from the navies of 15 countries: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Arab Emirates (cont..)

"Operation Steel Hammer"

HAMMER DOWN Here's a schedule of simulated emergencies and training exercises for Operation Steel Hammer:Friday, Sept. 148 a.m. to noon - Beaver County Airport, Chippewa Township, a plane lands with some type of biological or chemical agent aboard.8 a.m. to 1 p.m. - Bradys Run Park, Brighton Township, mass casualty incident in the ice arena parking lot.9 a.m. to noon - Beaver County Courthouse, Beaver, terrorist attack at the courthouse.9 a.m. to noon - The Medical Center, Beaver, in Brighton Township, surge of patients into the hospital's emergency room.9 a.m. to 1 p.m. - Beaver Valley Power Station, Shippingport, internal security exercise.6 p.m. to 10 p.m. - Propane tank farm along Route 68 in Industry, at the border with Midland, propane tank explosion and fire.8 p.m. to midnight - Northern Lights Shopping Center, Economy, military civil support team training.Saturday, Sept. 153 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Beaver County Courthouse parking garage, collapse of the parking garage, with people trapped inside.5 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Ohio River, near Rochester, military exercise involving a barge.6 a.m. to 3 p.m. - South Beaver Township, along Georgetown Road, search for a possible biological or chemical agent.9 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Community College of Beaver County, Center Township, mass casualty incident in parking lot by student union building.9 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Conway Yards in Conway, tanker car leaking chemicals.11 p.m. to 1 a.m. - Beaver Valley Mall, Center Township, discovery of possible chemical or biological agent.Sunday, Sept. 163 a.m. to 10 a.m. - South Side High School, Greene Township, investigation of possible biological or chemical agent.6 a.m. to 1 p.m. - Freedom Area High School, New Sewickley Township, mass casualty incident.9 a.m. to noon - Beaver Area High School, Beaver, hostage situation.9 a.m. to noon - Rochester, borough power outage (cont..)

Computerised voices could unleash "vocal terrorism"

Computerised speech capable of mimicking any human voice is in danger of unleashing a form of "vocal terrorism", where disinformation is spread by hacking into telephone networks, British scientists warned today. (cont..)

Taiwan holds unprecedented naval drill
(Link expired)
Kyodo News, Japan - 15 hours ago... a submarine, and other vessels and aircraft -- cruised 54 kilometers west of Taiwan toward China to stage a live-fire drill and antisubmarine maneuvers


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